Monday, September 21, 2009

Save $ in the spring, come to our SS/fixed gear conversion class

So, are you thinking of joining the ranks of those whose cycling season isn't stopped by winter. If you are going to ride a standard derailleur drivetrain Then it could get very expensive, unless you clean your bike religiously ( weekly). The lubricant that you'll use to keep the rust off, will pick up salt and grit that will corrode and grind down your parts. If you wear out those parts the price tag adds up pretty fast. A list of what is usually replaced in the spring.

Chain $11 and up
Cassette $ 19 and up
2 Chain rings $42
Front derailleur $ 19 and up
Rear derailleur $25 and up
Shift cables and hosing $20 and up

That's $ 136 and I'm just quoting average priced commuter bike parts that are typically worn out in a winter of riding a geared drive train. Probably $100 dollars or more in labor if your going to have the mechanics put those parts on for you. So your putting $236 dollars into your spring cleaning. How much did you pay for that bike in the first place?
This is why most of the winter veterans recommend riding a single speed or a fixed gear. Cost of parts typically replaced on a single speed/fixed gear drive train.

Freewheel $11 or,Cassette cog $ 3.50, or Fixed cog $21
Chainring $ 17
Chain $11

So the typical Single Speed/Fixed drive train is $31.50 to $49 to replace. Sign up for our Single Speed/Fixed conversion class, cost $40, and you'll get 15% off those parts, and gain some invaluable mechanical street smarts. Total out lay $82. It's more complicated than that though. Different drive train configuations require different parts, and in some cases an additional wheel. So come in and pick our brains and we'll see what can work for you.
Some of my tips for picking parts. Anodized black or colored rims will resist salt corrosion better than uncoated aluminum rims.
Finally the best reason for having one gear, you spin like crazy which keeps you warmer and burns off that winter fat.

Single Speed/ Fixed conversion class is Oct. 5th 6-9pm at the Hubs 3020 Minnehaha Ave S location. ph# 612-729-0437