Thursday, October 16, 2008

The 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Minneapolis

By C.C.

As a shop that prides itself on it's support of those who ride their bikes for transportation, we like to make certain everyone can ride safely, and get to where they are going in one piece.

With the recent spike in cyclists being injured, and even killed, by automobile drivers in the Twin Cities, local media has finally come forward, recognizing cycling as an increasingly common mode of transportation, and a greater need for drivers to be aware of cyclists when driving.

This week, City Pages posted a story calling out the 10 most dangerous bike intersections in Minneapolis.

Fellow Hubsters and I went through them one by one, every time, at least one of the group was in full agreement on the sketchiness of each particular intersection.

A good friend of mine was just hit at the Cedar/Riverside intersection a couple months ago, less the a block from one of our locations.

I myself was involved at a hit and run at the Portland intersection.

Personally, I think the intersection at Lyndale/Hennepin and 15th Ave. is where a cyclist is always taking their life into their own hands. For years I successfully avoided it by taking the private serviceway of an adjacent church, but recent renovations to the facility have closed that off, and now I'm forced to once again roll the dice as I head north toward downtown.

Enjoy the article.

And be careful out there.

Live to ride another day.

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