Saturday, December 6, 2008


We've got some sweet '09 bicycle eye candy at both Hub locations available for your gawking right now. We ordered a few of the fun to look at bikes that we will we carrying this year early so you would know we have'em and so we could gawk at them all dark winter long. We've also tried to provide equal opportunity gawking by stocking some very cool women's bikes. Up in the window now at the Minnehaha store is the Bianchi 928 mono Q C2C 105, which is much prettier than it rolls off the tongue. This bike is carbon all day fast, bladed spoke, 105 black and vibration damped with kevlar. If that leaves you saying "Who? What?" go here for answers.

In the other window at the Minne store is the Giant Aeryn2. Yellow, white, black and aero all over. It's a women's specific tri-bike. Giant has done a ton of work on their women's specific design, not only in geometry and components, but also in tube rigidity. The Aeryn is a serious tri-bike in entry level clothing. Aero bars, aero seat post, deep fat 42mm aero rims, aero carbon fork, aero tube set, aero dual bottle cage holder behind the seat. Stand outside the Minne store and imagine summertime gawking at it's yellow sunshine paint, swimmers leaving the water and jumping on their bikes. sweating into the open air. just 6 months from now.

Getting down on the floor is the Bianchi Vigorelli. Steel, black metal flake, classy, sexy I need it bad. Classic graphics and Ultegra love ride off in to the sunset and never look back. I ain't got the words. come look at it yourselves. Test ride with proper detachment, or you may be locked for ever on the cycle of death and rebirth, Vigorelli, out damn spot.

Pearlescent white Bianchis look gorgeous leaned up against street lamps at night. The Dama Bianca SheAlu 105 will sprint like mad through the twilight. The thick hydeoformed downtube will jump forward with every thrust of your thighs. The carbon/kvid fork and seatstays will take the edge off the bumps you miss as the light dims and further stars illuminate your way. Stop at a streetlamp down by the river rest your bike on the poll.
Pearlescent white Bianchis look gorgeous leaned up against street lamps at night. Don't worry you've got a triple chainring in case you fade coming back over Ramsey hill.

Next up gawkables At the 301 cedar store.

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