Friday, December 11, 2009

Z.I.T. Zombie Interval Training

Starting Monday December 14th the Hub's spin training nights will resume at the Hub's 3020 Minnehaha Ave S location. We are changing things up this year by offering spinning two nights a week. Monday nights we will be suffering to performance training videos. On Mondays we will try and get what ever type of training regimens that the attendees would like to watch. Wednesday nights will be Z.I.T. or Zombie Interval Training. Z.I.T. involves watching movies from the extensive zombie genre and cranking up the RPMs when ever the still living on the screen are running from or fighting zombies. We will begin, December 16th where it all began with George Romero's classic "Night of the Living Dead",from there who knows.
We will have 8 trainers available for attendees to use with your own bike, and 8 storage spots for spinning bikes. Call the Hub to reserve your space 612-729-0437. If you are not at the Hub at 7pm the night of your class your reserved spot will be forfeited to Spinees who are waiting. Please bring your own trainer if you own one so more people can participate.

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