Sunday, August 29, 2010

Want to See the Future?

Minneapolis just came out with the latest iteration of their Bicycle Master Plan. There are several meetings coming up that allow for public comment.

On the first quick read there are a few items of note. We're excited to see that Minnehaha Ave will have its current bike lanes extended all the way to Franklin Ave. There are a grip of other cool bike lanes and boulevards too. For example, Franklin Ave may get bike lanes all the way from Hennepin to Riverside.

There is also a goal of cutting bike theft in half by 2015. The method to doing this is either missing or hidden somewhere in the document. Given the level of incidents we are hearing about, they will hopefully start on this ASAP.

For our future bikers, there is a goal of fully funding Safe Routes to School programs for all schools. This includes having bike parking at all schools too.

All in all there is a lot of good plans in the works, there may be some details that need to be worked out however.

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