Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Project Homeless Connect

Every year the Hub donates a portion of its profits to our community through our People and the Planet Fund. We participate in a variety of events and donate to some really great organizations. This week we sent three mechanics to help out at an event called Project Homeless Connect ( We worked together with a people from Bike Alliance MN, Spokes, Grease Rag and other volunteers to fix over 60 bikes! Most of the bikes had seen all kinds of weather conditions and were showing significant wear. We saw everything from flat tires to non-working brakes to messed up shifting. Our goal was to get the bikes as safe and rideable as possible!

We love riding our bikes and know how important it is to have reliable transportation. It was great to hear the feedback from participants who were using their bikes to get around. Having access to a functioning bike can help reduce barriers to education and employment.

Giant bicycles made a generous donation of 100 locks that was greatly appreciated by all the participants (especially those that didn’t bring their bikes because they had no way of keeping it safely locked up!). We also had a donation of helmets from QBP and trail maps from Hedberg Maps that were met with lots of enthusiasm.

We are always excited to help out in our community and Project Homeless Connect was a great way to share our love of bicycling!

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