Friday, November 27, 2009


On this, Black Friday 2009, I give you the latest and greatest at The Hub Bike Co-op

Wire Bead Vittoria Zaffiro Tire in WHITE

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Our best selling tire now comes with a white rolling surface!

The sidewalls are black on these. Should you require the all white Zaffiro Pro (pictured above) we have those in stock as well $29.99

GroveCraft Winter Hats

Handcrafted from recycled materials (no two hats are exactly the same), these have become a local favorite.

Available in two sizes at both Hub Bike Co-op locations.

Bern Winter Liners

Now available at both Hub locations for the Watts, Brentwood, and Berkley style helmets. Black only (sorry, but the plaid ones only come in audio versions, which is fine for snowboarders, but biking with headphones just ain't safe).

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