Saturday, November 14, 2009

Peacock Groove speaks at The Hub!

The Hub Bike Coop will be hosting a seminar by frame builder Erik Noren of Peacock Groove. The topic: frame building with steel. Erik, in spite of his seven years of being the only engine of creation behind his highly acclaimed brand, Peacock Groove, expects that you will to come to this seminar and disagree with him. Erik knows how to keep the dry details entertaining, and given Erik's years of experience with Croll and his own business there will be plenty to talk about. Erik will be speaking on his favorite tube sets and their applications, frame construction techniques, and why you should get a custom hand built frame. A Q&A session will follow Erik's presentation. Seminar will be at the West bank location, Saturday, November 21st @ 3pm. Check website The Hub website for more details.

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